Top 10 Great Eats in Eco Botanic

Eco Botanic is probably one of the most visited places in Johor for leisure and entertainment. But not everyone knows it is also a home for many delicious food. Here is our Top 10 Food you need to try when in Eco Botanic.

1. Kang Bee Hong Chicken Rice

Every food area kinda needs a chicken rice, and this place is no exception. Kang Bee Hong is a REALLY popular spot for students staying in EcoNest and International Student Village (EduCity) because it is within the confines of Eco Botanic, as well as the cheaper price of food offered here relative to everywhere else.

This is an air-conditioned place, serving up your usual assortment of chicken rice (char siew, siew yok, roasted & steamed chicken, etc.), as well as curry chicken rice, wantan mee and a few other dishes. DO REMEMBER to bring your student pass in order to get a 10% discount when dining here!

2. Lym Tea Eco Botanic

This is probably what I think is the cheapest restaurant in the whole area. Most main dishes are priced at RM6.90, including their popcorn chicken rice and their cai ma braised chicken rice, so if you’re looking for a deal, this is the place to go.

They’ve got Taiwanese style dishes, coupled with some bubble teas! The one thing I will say would be that the taste isn’t the best in the world, but for RM6.90, I don’t think anyone in the world can complain about eating here at all. A bit hard to find, but it is inside the EcoNest apartment row of shops itself. Just head into the row of shops inside, and you’ll be able to find it!

3. Toast House Eco Botanic

Basically going into a few Kopitiam style restaurants, and there is a pretty reasonable one in Toast House! They serve up all your usual dishes including a selection of fried rice dishes, nasi lemak, a lot of different noodles and of course, toast!

Their nasi lemak with fried chicken is RM7.90, and their yang chou fried rice comes in at a fairly comfortable RM8.90, so I feel that this place remains one of the cheaper options in the area. It is on the same row as Eco Fitness (a gym in the area) – towards the end of the row (find the row with Starbucks and Eco Fitness. NOT THE ONE WITH THE ALLEY) and you will find Toast House.

4. Toast & Toast Eco Botanic

Another toast restaurant almost on the direct lot behind Toast House would be Toast & Toast. In general, think about your usual Kopitiam menus with this place as well – but I think this restaurant has longer operating hours than Toast House. They’ve got an interesting dish in their santan-less curry chicken rice, so that could be very well worth a try for you guys!

Price-wise, I would say it is about RM15 per person (with drinks), as it is a little bit more pricey than Toast House, but I would say the quality is pretty much equal. Still a decent option for a quick and easy meal when you’re in the area.

5. Kuu by Tea Garden

A really popular Johor restaurant would be Tea Garden, and they have a subdivision named Quu. It is located on the same row as Kang Bee Hong, right at the end of the row. I would say it is probably a more upmarket version of your normal kopitiams.

They have your usual nasi lemak, fried and soup noodles, as well as my personal favourite form Quu, their chicken baked rice! Their prices are still very affordable despite this, so I would say that this is still a really good option for students and people finding a good deal!

6. Chat in Eco Botanic

I would probably describe this as a more expensive version of Lym Tea. That being said, I think the food tastes better than the food provided at Lym Tea, with their popcorn chicken rice knocking Lym Tea’s out of the ball park.

They also have an assortment of fruit and milk based bubble tea drinks, so definitely feel free to try them out here! Their main focus would be Taiwanese style dishes with the twist of Malaysian flavours in their sambal sauces and it is definitely one of my favourite restaurants in the area!

7. Vanakam India

“To be honest, I’m not 100% what the pricing is like here, but I would presume that this belongs either in the middle or high price kind of category. Vanakam India prides itself in providing a high class dining experience with a large menu.

They serve up lots of different dishes, including your usual suspects, such as cheese naan, tandoori chicken, ghobi mancuri and their crab masala seems quite popular, from exploration of the reviews on their Facebook page. In general, a lot of good reviews, so this is definitely one that I’m bookmarking for a try really soon!”

8. Thai Three Mookata House

“This is what I believe is the only buffet option in the area, so if you’re hungry, this is definitely the option! This is basically your steamboat meets barbecue restaurant, where it is pretty much all you can eat. Prices for dinner would be RM39.90 (not quite sure for lunch), but I would say it is definitely a pretty decent deal.

You have your usual soup vegetables coupled with a big selection of meets in their fridge. Drinks come part of the price, as well as your rice and noodles. The taste of the ingredients is pretty good, and if it helps, this is one of the rare places where I haven’t had difficulty in the bathroom the following day, so kudos to them.

(They have ice cream too!)”

9. Manzanita Restaurant Eco Botanic

“Probably one of the more specialised restaurants in the area, where I would personally recommend just sticking with desserts and the pastries they offer here. Definitely has the more upmarket feel when you walk in, and I would say the prices would definitely be a bit higher than a few of the other restaurants in the area.

There ARE food options, but as mentioned before the cakes and desserts are pretty much what you’re after when you come here!”

10. Shiokara Japanese Restaurant

I would say this is definitely one of the pricier restaurants in the area, but I personally think that price of this place is really worth it.

Definitely a more upmarket kind of restaurant the moment you step in (a bit more upmarket than your Sushi House, Kinsahi, etc.), and they have a fairly wide menu consisting of sushi rolls, udons and different rice dishes, so most of your Japanese food desires will be found here.