About Us

91+ years of cumulative hospitality experience

800+ tenants have walked through our doors

23% recurring tenants

students from 10 universities/colleges


Southrop is a privately owned managed residences operator and is one of Malaysia’s leading student accommodation specialists.

Incorporated in 2009, we drew inspiration from the Australian student accommodation industry to introduce an alternative premium student housing option for student tenants in Malaysia.

Our 3 key pillars

All our accommodation offerings are fully furnished, fully equipped and underpinned by 3 key pillars


Southrop’s residences are secured by a 3-tier security access system, at a minimum, with some residences equipped with facial recognition systems. We understand that our tenants place the highest value in living in a secure and safe environment.


At the core of every tenant’s choice to stay is the convenience of the location of the residence. All our residences are typically within walking distance to convenience stores, food and beverage outlets and some within close walking distance to shopping malls to offer our tenants the ultimate convenience of live-study-play or live-work-play in a single location.

Full Service

In this age where service is at the tip of an app in one’s mobile device, we understand our tenants’ need to live in an accommodation where all basic needs are taken care of. Southrop’s residences feature full service living whereby all upkeep tasks in the residence are taken care of by us i.e. housekeeping, maintenance and upkeep, electrical appliances service & replacement and even laundry service at selected residences.


To-date, Southrop’s residences cater to all ranges of tenants from long stay working adults, expatriates in Malaysia and student tenants to short stay tourist or business travellers.

Our Vision & Values

At Southrop, our vision is to create a new breed of residences, each residence thematically designed to provide a living space with the ultimate convenience of location, fully serviced and in a high security environment to our student tenants, working adults, tourist or business travelers.

We are guided by our core values of: